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for the drunk q&a: what do you look for in a man? what's your Type?

answer under the cut because it's a bit long 

that's a hard question to be honest because i like all kinds of guys so it's hard to narrow down a specific kind 

if you looked at what my fictional crushes tend to have in common you'd see that they are like normal guys they're imperfect and internally conflicted they're cold at first but warm up and can be very sweet once they get to know you 

things i tend to look for in actual men are benevolence intelligence honesty genuinely caring about me generosity shared interests and values treating me with respect sappy stuff like that 

now in terms of looks i tend to prefer guys with dark brown or black hair and dark brown eyes but any color is fine really part of me is still into the whole emo thing since that was my type as a kid i guess i like rebellious types like guys that are non conformist to societal standards guys that are openly and unapologetically queer i like guys that are willing to be in an open relationship with me and that aren't afraid to be a little spontaneous and reckless in terms of drinking and smoking and whatnot i really liked going to the club and getting smashed with my gay male friends we'd grind up on each other on the dance floor and we'd make out with each other and it was a lot of fun and i miss those days and i want something like that again i like guys that love to have fun and that aren't afraid to be a bit obnoxious 

i like guys that are both masculine and feminine and especially ones that are good at singing in the sense that they have a wide range and thus can hit both high and low notes 

i might add more to this later but that's all i can think of for now 



  • I also refer to this as the one that fits me "if I were hot"
  • skin tones: 4 options, all very different.  I wouldn't label it as diverse by any means, but there's at least one tone in here I haven't seen on others (very dark, A+)
  • you can add eyeliner.  Just saying.
  • accesories
  • hair: variety of styles (including an undercut!) and decent color options
  • clothes: limited options
  • you can do some poses
  • gender: leans masculine, can be gn 

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