Pansexual. Transgender. Autistic.

Ray. He/Him/His. 26. All-Inclusive, Intersectional Feminist. Gray-A/Pan (Both Romantic/Sexual) Trans Man. Neurodivergent (Anxious/Autistic/Depressed/Stressed). Avatar Source:

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greatkingrat -

I desire to wear cute clothes and cuddle with a boy ._.

cosmicaces -

do you ever see things that make you tired of being nice, that make you wanna go apeshit

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birdysdoodles39 -

my life is just going through the same bisexual panic every 20 minutes

birdysdoodles39 -

FUCK i thought about a pretty girl and the cycle's starting again

ok-computer -

unless you want a full-length ramble on why boxer from animal farm deserved better, don't ask me what i'm thinking about that's keeping me up at night