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i went to seattle pride 2019 with my enbyfriend 

it was fun but i think it wasn’t as enjoyable as last year’s 

it seems like pride is becoming more commercial and less queer with each passing year 

someday i’ll stop going because of it 

Me changing my icons cause Pride is over:

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been working on trying to do some art of my OCs for pride month, but it's been's some sketches, at the very least lol ;O;

sleepyyy -

come check out my art blog, if you wanna!!! :D


Peter and Jason kissing from Bare a Pop Opera


Annie and Jennifer to kick off Pride Month! Woo!

Remember when i wrote in my LOA journal that my ideal fan was a liberal (US definition. Not aussie definition) and that conservatives are on thin ice??? I still stand by that. My music is for people who are accepting and tolerant and want the world to be a better place. If thats not your goal ( *cough conservatives in Trump's America*), I don't want you listening to my music. And That's a big claim for someone who's not even off the ground yet. I should take any and all opportunities to be listened to, but I know who my tribe is supposed to be. What matters is who is in my tribe, who my music represents, not how many people are in it. 

happy pride month everybody! remember fat people, disabled people, people of colour and neurodivergent people when celebrating!