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my enbyfriend bought me bug fables for our anniversary! :D

there's a steam sale going on rn but i don't see anything that i want

peachy-queer -

sometimes i like to check my steam account and uh

i am in fact disappointed in my life

most of those hours are Endless Sky, DA:O, Factorio, TESV, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, OG Dishonored, and Stardew Valley.

pantransautie -

where did you go to calculate this?

i'm curious as to how my steam account will fare

guess who’s going to pirate ooblets now that’s it’s gone epic store exclusive

there’s a game that’s been described to be like a mix between animal crossing and stardew valley

it’s called raccoon lagoon

i want to play it but it’s only on the oculus

i don’t want to buy an oculus just for one game

Gears of War 4 is taking 80 years to install so I don't think I will get to try it out before I have to end my subscription in order to avoid auto-renewal.

Xbox Game Pass for PC

I got a month of Xbox Game Pass for PC for about one US dollar through a brief promotion that Microsoft had.

Through this service, I got to play through Super Lucky's Tale and try out some other games.

I enjoyed Super Lucky's Tale, but Microsoft's other offerings did not appeal to me.

I'm glad I got to try it out for a great price, but I will cancel my subscription before it auto-renews.

Super Lucky's Tale - A Brief Review

I recently completed Super Lucky's Tale via Xbox Game Pass for PC.

What I mean by completed is that I collected every clover (99 in the version without DLC), defeated the final boss and watched the ending cutscene.

My main impression of Super Lucky's Tale from having completed the game is that it is a passable 3D platformer that seems like it would be best for children that are around six years old.

The graphics and gameplay are solid. The music is fine, albeit unmemorable.

One gripe I have is that I didn't like Lucky as a protagonist.

Maybe I'm just too old but I found his voice to be very annoying, although it was definitely more tolerable than Bubsy's.

Another issue I had with the game was that the difficulty level was way too easy and thus it didn't feel rewarding.

Some costumes I thought cost way too much in-game currency to purchase.

I didn't have enough money to unlock one half of the second-to-last world's costume and both halves of the last world's costume even after having completed the game and having played through some of the levels two or three times, along with going around the hub worlds multiple times to collect coins.

Something I found to be really insidious was that some of the costumes and worlds were locked behind real world paywalls, with the creators wanting you to shell out an additional 10 USD to access them.

It doesn't sound that bad when I put it that way but every time I went to change costumes or look at the world map, I was taunted with content that I couldn't access without coughing up more cash.

There was also a plot thread in the last world that I never found to be resolved even after I had completed the game, which I found to be strange.


TLDR: If I were to give this game a score, I would give it a 7/10, a 70 out of 100 or a C.

I would recommend this game for children around the age of six and for adults who are nostalgic for 3D platformers from the late '90s and early 2000s.

I would not recommend this game for people who like challenging games, character-driven games, story-driven games, childish games and for people who aren't fans of the 3D platforming genre.

there's a huge sale going on on steam rn