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greatkingrat -

If I can't get a boyfriend, I need more mlm couples to cry over.

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sparky -

two (2) of my friends, being somewhat slow to respond/apathetic in messaging for their own personal reasons: 

me, with anxiety: They Must Hate Me I Am The Scum Of The Earth I Am Unworthy Of The Air I Breathe I Wish My Atoms Would Disassemble And Become The Dust Which Scatters Over The Sea

greatkingrat -

Not to be queer on main but having a boy to smooch would be really nice right about now ._.

nightstorm -

seeing people excited about things they enjoy is honestly great like... go forth my children... be happy... 

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timeskip -

I want to give off charming idiot vibes. Like, I don't really know what I'm doing but I'm a nice person who's trying my best so you can't help but enjoy my presesnce. That's who I wanna be. No need to worry about people's expectations if they know that you don't understand things from the start. Hell yes.

king-mars -

i too aspire to be winnie the pooh

archfey -

me every day: can't wait to go home so i can play video games

transwerewolf -

If I don't do things the moment my passion strikes they don't get done

coffee -

Me starting a fic at 12 AM: damn this thing is 300,000 k words, better just check the first chapter for quality and save the rest for tomorrow

Me, at 6 am: oh fuck

persephone -


the years start coming and they dont stop coming

coffee -

and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop comin-

corky -

if i ever die please spread wildly unbelieveable tales of my acheivements, conflicting accounts of my personality, morph all descriptions of me into the unholy - i require 2 be entirely unkown. thanks

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paimonia -

who needs a gender when i can just take a nap

I made this for tumblr but I'll share it here too 

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cosmicaces -

you think that's cool? watch this

-i hunch forward, cracking my back and proceeding to crumple up like a piece of paper-

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coffee -

bitches will stay up late and only get two hours of sleep then get up at 7 am to work an 8 hour day and nearly pass out several times

anyway im bitches

archfey -

gendered titles are OUT i'm refering to everyone now as either "gamers" or "party people" and that's that on that

persephone -

i thought this said 'gendered titties are out' and i was like 'you're damn right'

ok-computer -

unless you want a full-length ramble on why boxer from animal farm deserved better, don't ask me what i'm thinking about that's keeping me up at night

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babushka -

wearing rings is weird because day 1 it's a weird thing on your finger that gets in a way sometimes, day 2 it's still a weird thing on your finger but you can fidget it and stuff and on the day 3 you take it off and then feel that... abscence, a strong sensation of it NOT being on your finger which grows stronger every time you look at your hand, and you either wait until it wears off, which takes days, or give in and put it on again

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bystander -

i wonder what its like to have content to post

susato -

i never can join group chats because by the time i finally thought of a reply, the subject has already changed :<


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archfey -

me looking at myself in the mirror: why aren't more people realizing how attractive i am 

erasabledata -

WHY did the fairies have to leave me in this world and bring the human child back to their world maybe i wanted to live in the fairy world

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herobrined -

me like it when people lay on me