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pantransautie asked:

Do you think we'll be getting Sunshine-related content in Odyssey? Or do you think that Nintendo was just paying homage to Sunshine with that Mario and watermelon Twitter post?

supermario -

If it were just the tweet, I'd lean toward it being a homage/play on words, but apparently there was a watermelon and pineapple on display at Nintendo's Gamescom 2019 showcase (link), which is unusual for showcasing Luigi's Mansion 3 and *The Legend of Zelda*: Link's Awakening. As for whether it's likelier that we're gonna get Sunshine DLC for Odyssey or a whole new remake, I'm not sure, but I'm reckoning we're getting something.

Perhaps it'll be revealed in the Direct tomorrow?

pantransautie -

We may see a reveal in the Direct later today. I think it's more likely to be DLC than a full-on remake but the latter would be nice too.