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Ray. He/Him/His. 26. All-Inclusive, Intersectional Feminist. Gray-A/Pan (Both Romantic/Sexual) Trans Man. Neurodivergent (Anxious/Autistic/Depressed/Stressed). Avatar Source:

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#IAmNonbinary is #4 trending on twitter rn with over 21k tweets

I found an amazing resource on twitter yesterday! This is a map of informed consent hrt clinics in the United States. Meaning no therapist note required and no "real life test", they provide hormone treatment as long as you know the risks and consent (unfortunately age guidelines and parental consent are likely still a concern). The info is community sourced and less than 3 years old. Some things may be inaccurate, but the person who created it is still working to update and refine it. Please share if you can!

LGBT Ask Meme

aurenfaie -

Here's a thing! Send a number or a few!

  1. How do you identify? Has it changed at all?

  2. Do you use a lot of labels or just one/a couple? If you use more than one, is there one that is the most important to you?

  3. How did you choose/find the label(s) you identify with?

  4. Have you attended a Pride celebration?

  5. Do you identify with any LGBT+ archetypes? (examples: doe, butch, otter)

  6. Do you consider yourself out (however you choose to interpret that)?

  7. What advice do you wish you had heard when you first realized you were LGBT+?

  8. Do you often have to explain your orientation and/or gender?

  9. What is your aesthetic/presentation? Does your orientation and/or gender inform that?

  10. Would your aesthetic/presentation be any different in a world without anti-LGBT+ sentiments? Would you behave differently?

  11. Are (most of) your friends LGBT+ as well?

  12. What is your favorite piece of media that includes LGBT+ representation?

  13. Who is your favorite LGBT+ character?

  14. If you could make any character(s) explicitly LGBT+, who would they be?

  15. Do you listen to any LGBT+ musicians? If yes, who are they?

  16. Do you have a favorite LGBT+ artist and/or author? If yes, who are they? (can be fan creations or original creations)

  17. Are there any LGBT+ historical figures or time periods that you wish you/others knew more about?

  18. Are there any LGBT+ people who you look up to?

  19. What is your favorite LGBT+ related trope? Are there any that you dislike?

  20. Which pride flag do you find most aesthetically pleasing?

  21. Do you have a partner or partners?/Are you interested in having a partner or partners?

  22. Have you bought anything related to your identity? (examples: binder, pride flag, pins)

  23. How old were you when you realized you were LGBT+?

  24. Are there any stereotypes related to your identity that you fulfill? What stereotypes do you defy?

  25. Do you participate in any LGBT+ specific groups? (examples: discord groups, campus clubs)

  26. How easy or difficult did you find it to accept your own LGBT+ identity?

  27. What term do you usually use when discussing the LGBT+ community in general? (examples: LGBTQ, LGBT+)

  28. What was your first exposure to the LGBT+ community?

  29. Were there any experiences that made you feel more comfortable or confident in your LGBT+ identity?

  30. Do you have a favorite LGBT+ meme? If yes, what is it?

bigenderfenris -

special reminder that nonbinary does not mean "neither a man or a woman", it means "outside of the gender binary" which can include being neither, can include being both, and can include being fluid between multiple identities

What was your “shit I’m not straight” moment?

pansexual -

Mine was when I was 13, first time in the girls locker room and I couldn’t stop staring at my best friend.

seathekitty -

when I came out as trans I became very, very aware of how gay I was. I saw Gay Tests™ that weren't there. I wanted to like women 'that way' so bad lmfao, turns out it was just Respect and Admiration.
meanwhile guys make me hot even if they a peice o shit. damn son

pantransautie -

when i was a girl and in the fifth grade i had a crush on a female classmate slash friend