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this testosterone is certainly making me feel things that's for sure 

and by feel things i mean feel them strongly 24/7 

and making me feel them stronger than i ever have before 

Erin's Informed Consent HRT map of the US - Google My Maps

Lets make informed consent easier to access. Follow me on twitter @erininthemorn. Let me know there if anything has changed or if any of these are wrong, or if I'm missing any! If the info is of use to use, please consider donating to my gofundme, as I am in a battle to keep custody of my child post-transition.

I found an amazing resource on twitter yesterday! This is a map of informed consent hrt clinics in the United States. Meaning no therapist note required and no "real life test", they provide hormone treatment as long as you know the risks and consent (unfortunately age guidelines and parental consent are likely still a concern). The info is community sourced and less than 3 years old. Some things may be inaccurate, but the person who created it is still working to update and refine it. Please share if you can!

i've been on t for about a month and a half and i've noticed a few key changes 

namely more prominent facial hair growth, body fat redistribution and voice cracking 

i hate needles 

my insurance doesn't cover gel 

the cons of pills outweigh the pros 

so patches it is