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the scene from rocketman that i mentioned a while back 

the best movie hands down is wee sing in the big rock candy mountains 

farraigeart -

im in an Animation Mood™ and im honestly curious? what is ur fave animated film?? leave it in the tags or somethin

i might see jojo rabbit this weekend

there's this one kiss scene in rocketman that i consider to be a cinematic masterpiece 

lonelyghosts -

i just wanna say i love rocketman and taron egerton in fun outfits changed my life 

peachy-queer -

dae have movies they can watch over and over?

for me it's the resident evil series, the alien series (the sigourney weaver ones (yes, even resurrection. sigourney weaver is hot don't @ me), not the abominations that are the new ones), and Doom. tl;dr, i like sigourney weaver. and shitty action movies based on vidya games 

pantransautie -

for me it's austin powers: international man of mystery, austin powers in goldmember and the big lebowski 

a few of my other favorite movies are troll 2 and night of the lepus

i recently watched elvira: mistress of the dark 

it’s one of my new favorite movies 


Venom doodle I did a while ago 

the disney live action film adaptation of mulan is ditching li shang's character entirely and is replacing him with a guy that hates ping until he finds out that ping is mulan and then he magically loves her 

this film adaptation is also leaving out all of the songs from the original 

it sounds bad and i refuse to see it