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i pretty much fall in love with any queer leftuber i encounter 

Men. Abuse. Trauma. by Philosophy Tube

> Content Warning for: suicide, abuse, and domestic violence

I have like no time right now and yet I've managed to watch this twice in the past two days.

Havin’ Fun! from Thought Slime

“Our play has become work, but our work will never become play.”

This is a video from one of my favorite leftist YouTubers. He talks about the demonization of  things that are deemed unproductive. We’ve reached a point as a society where we can’t do anything for ourselves without feeling guilty about using our time in an unproductive way; even taking care of ourselves has been made out to be viewed as a kind of work. At the ending of the video, he discusses fun and leisure as an act of resistance as well as the importance of centering leisure in leftist discourse, as we’re often seen as buzzkills.

fanart of that charity stream awhile back. we love hbomberguy

kidd -

Really ain't one to watch or share political videos--especially ones that are more than 5 minutes--but this is entertaining and informative.