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the feeling of the peanut butter filling in a butterfinger bar is sensory hell for me

Special Interest/Hyperfixation Sharing Pond


Hey there! Here is a new sharing pond to fill out!

What is a Sharing Pond? Rather than being asked questions or tagged in a post, you can fill out a sharing pond if you choose to! No need to wait for someone to ask or tag you! (Thank you @archie for the name! Use the name "sharing pond" if you’d like to make something similar based on this format!)


  • When you fill this out, copy/paste this into a new post. Feel free to ignore/delete any prompts you don’t want to answer.
  • If you don’t answer all of the prompts, I would appreciate you linking back to the original post so others can view the full collection of prompts. (It might be nice to do that either way, so people aren’t required to delete your answers, but that is up to you.)
  • If you’d like, tag your post as “interest sharing pond” (and “sharing pond” more generally) so others can see it.


  1. What is your special interest/hyperfixation? How would you describe your special interest/hyperfixation to someone who knows nothing about it? (You can answer multiple if you have more than one, but this may get lengthy for you.)
  2. How did you discover your special interest/hyperfixation? How long ago was it?
  3. What is something people might not know about your special interest/hyperfixation?
  4. Have you had other special interests/hyperfixations in the past?
  5. How much time do you spend on your special interest/hyperfixation? Is it something you do, something you learn about, something you think about, some combination of those, or something else entirely?
  6. Do you lose track of other things while involved with your special interest/hyperfixation?
  7. Do you often talk to others about your special interest/hyperfixation? If yes, is it generally online or offline?
  8. Is there anyone in your life (online or offline) that is also interested in your special interest/hyperfixation?
  9. What are four of your favorite things about your special interest/hyperfixation?
  10. Have you ever received a gift related to your special interest/hyperfixation? If yes, what was it?
  11. Has your special interest/hyperfixation ever helped you? (Could be emotionally, practically, etc.)
  12. If your special interest/hyperfixation is something you can display, do you choose to display it? If yes, how do you do so?
  13. Do you keep any documents you’ve made about your special interest? (A list of articles you’ve read, a document with descriptions of a fantasy world, etc.)
  14. Would you ever want to have a job that involves your special interest/hyperfixation?
  15. In the short term, do you have anything you’re planning to do soon related to your special interest/hyperfixation?
  16. In the long term, where do you see your special interest/hyperfixation going? How are you hoping to incorporate your special interest/hyperfixation further into your life (if you are)?
  17. Would you recommend others get involved in your special interest/hyperfixation? Why or why not?
  18. Are there any interests you see becoming a special interest/hyperfixation? If yes, what are they? What makes you think they could become a special interest/hyperfixation of yours?
  19. End with one (or a few!) more thing(s) about your special interest/hyperfixation of your choosing! (Fun fact, something you recommend a person start with if they’d like to get into your interest, etc.)

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the crackling sound that comes from frying potatoes in oil is a bit startling for me as an autistic person so i like to wear my mostly noise-cancelling headphones while i do it

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ok-computer asked:

For the ask game- 💖 (current special interest) and 😇 (if your special interest is a movie/tv show/book/video game, who's your favorite character?)

💖 - My current special interest is a food and travel YouTube channel called, “TabiEats.”

😇 - I know my previous answer isn’t one of those things but I want to answer the question anyway.

My favorite movie characters are Austin Powers, Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, Kylo Ren and Eddie Brock.

My favorite tv show characters are Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena and Bismuth from Steven Universe.

My favorite character from a book is Old Major from Animal Farm.

My favorite video game characters are The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Leon Scott Kennedy and Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie.

Special interest emoji asks


Please don’t rb if you’re not autistic!

💖 Current special interest?

🔥 How many special interests do you have at the moment?

😇 If your special interest is a video game/movie/tv show/etc, who’s your fav character from it?

💎 When and how did you discover your special interest?

✖️️ Is there something you don’t like about your special interest?

🐒 What’s your favorite line from your special interest if it’s a video game/movie/tv show/etc?

💫 Favorite fact about your special interest?

💕 What’s your fav thing about your special interest?

🍳 Do you have a stim related to your special interest?

🌠 What’s a past special interest?

🏘️ What was your first special interest you can remember?

🍭 What’s a headcanon/theory you have about your special interest?

🌟 Did someone introduce you to your special interest?

😂 Something funny about your special interest?

Via [necrozmas]

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