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When I was in the shower I was like "I'm gonna make a really long, thought out vent post about something that bothers me" but now I'm just Anxiety Nauseous

Anxiety is like having hundreds of bees buzzing in your ribcage, spilling out your throat in panic.

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*tries to do anything* i have too many things i need to do so instead i'll do none of them

I live.

I am not good at social media. I am also not good at being social in real life. I am just not social, yet here I am, forcing myself to post after who knows how long. I hope everyone is doing well. This drawing is probably a year old by now. I am not great at keeping track of time. Woooooo.

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statistics say depression happens to everyone no matter their social status

that means one important thing: mental illness does not discriminate but healthcare does

it is not impossible to get depression/anxiety when you have your every need met and more

but it should be possible for everyone to afford solution to their mental health problems (which are complex, and we are not quite there yet, unfortunately) in a society that truly values people

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Package-deal-with-three-other-mental-conditions Autism

I had a really bad anxiety day at work and my mom told me to get us food just for there to be a b a d accident in front of the place so I'm going to a subpar burger joint and I'm sad. What are y'all up to?

Me: *tries to come up with a witty shitpost*

Me: *judges my idea so fiercely that I don't end up posting anything*