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i watched dbz battle of gods recently; i liked it well enough but i still think i like super broly better

been watching dbz; i want to finish the frieza saga but i've had a hard time motivating myself to finish it because my favorite character is gone and won't be back for at least another ten episodes

Trying this out

Hello! New to the place and getting some feelers out. Also seeing how posting from mobile goes! 

This is my dnd character Trinity ♡ 

Sailor Moon redraw

I finally tried to do a sailor moon redraw to help me practice bgs :)

vegeta's voice in the japanese dub sounds so feminine 💖💖💖

considering that vegeta is my husbando and satsuki is my waifu 

i think i have a type 

opportunity -

made it to movie 7 in my pokemon anime full watch and holy heckles..

deoxys' animation is so smooth and fluid im??

opportunity -

like look at this :o

and especially compared to how stiff rayquaza's animations were in the same scenes?

deoxys might have just made my list of fave mythicals/legendaries  bc of this

farraigeart -

im in an Animation Mood™ and im honestly curious? what is ur fave animated film?? leave it in the tags or somethin

December 2018: My final art piece of my art dump on here! I did a bunch of drawings on MS Paint in my free time.
Top Left: Wanted to practice teeth. Bottom Left: Practice drawing Vegeta.
Middle: I saw a cute outfit and it reminded me of Zamasu,so I drew him in it!
Middle Top: My two Splatoon OC's agruing over a haircut. Middle Bottom:What my in-game octoling looks like.
Top Right: Practice drawing Vegeta's eyes. Bottom Right: Inkling girl in the snow.

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The Arcana (game)


Game of Thrones

Dragon Age

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Stranger Things

Horror Aesthetic

satsuki kiryuin is my waifu 

Questionable Dixiecupass lookin Sailor Fisheye

I adore Sailor Moon and Fisheye is one of my all time faves so when I got a hold of these sparkly gel pens with funky colors I got the urge to draw a quick picture of her in a... questionably designed senshi uniform. I tried to do the colors from her (also hideous) cannon outfit which is partially why it looks like a bad 90s workout outfit. 


"This or That" 2

archfey -

For anyone to do, just answer in the tags what you'd pick!

Dawn or Dusk?
Anime or Manga?
Angels or Demons?
Flight or Invisibility?
Comedy or Tragedy?
Mothman or Bigfoot?
Auroras or Meteor Showers?
Board games or Video games?
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
...Chocolate or Mint chocolate?