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i watched dbz battle of gods recently; i liked it well enough but i still think i like super broly better

opportunity -

made it to movie 7 in my pokemon anime full watch and holy heckles..

deoxys' animation is so smooth and fluid im??

opportunity -

like look at this :o

and especially compared to how stiff rayquaza's animations were in the same scenes?

deoxys might have just made my list of fave mythicals/legendaries  bc of this

farraigeart -

im in an Animation Mood™ and im honestly curious? what is ur fave animated film?? leave it in the tags or somethin

I desperately need more variation in my stream. So heres a second tag post.

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The Mighty Grand Piton is a short film about a young British girl, Connie, who travels to the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia for her school holidays with her family. There, she accidentally awakens a giant robot buried under the Twin Piton mountains on the south of the Island. This robot seems compelled to protect Saint Lucia but his origins are mysterious. No one knows where he came from or how long he’s been there. During the many years he’s lain dormant, The Mighty Grand Piton, became nothing more than the stuff of legend.

-Line Animations website/The video description

It needs to be funded before this short film can be finished; the art book is found here.


*I am not associated in any way, I just really like sharing content I find neat.

black doggo (aka im thinking about writing instead of actually.....writing)

I’m Your Little Butterfly Snail  🐌 

Pastel Snail un-ironically loves late 90′s dance music.


Hey y'al! <3 I'm Seb, content creator and general fan! Just started out on here, and would love to get to meet some new people/make some mutuals! So, here are some things I'm interested in/will likely post about. Feel free to reblog/like!

***=very frequently posts

Current Obsessions/Things Important to Me:

LGBTQ+ support/resources/positivity***

Black girl positivity***

My Hero Academia***

Kingdom Hearts***

Mob Psycho 100

TV/feature length/short length Animation (@ghibli)***

Fruits Basket

Shoujo manga/anime(Akatsuki no Yona***)

Kagerou Project

Webtoon comics

Hiveworks-partnership webcomics



ALSO Important to Me Probably Won't Post a Whole Lot of:

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Carry On

Persepolis + other historical graphic novels


Motor Crush (comic)

Teen Titans (early 2000's cartoon)

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

DC Comics

Adventure Time

Steven Universe


Star vs the Forces of Evil

Young Justice


Card Captor Sakura

Countdown to Countdown (webcomic)

Honestly just a lot of webcomics


This is an animation I did a while ago! It's of my character Subiko!!


I finished up putting all the items and clickable areas in place. All except the ones that require the inventory feature to work and the ones that lead to the endings.

So I'm going to move onto the next step and work on the ending animations. Doing some color testing right now.