Pansexual. Transgender. Autistic.

Ray. He/Him/His. 26. All-Inclusive, Intersectional Feminist. Gray-A/Pan (Both Romantic/Sexual) Trans Man. Neurodivergent (Anxious/Autistic/Depressed/Stressed). Avatar Source:

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been waiting very patiently for lg6; i hope gags will release the first single soon

tomorrow will be the 10th anniversary of the fame monster :)

even though mother monster said that lg6 will come out this year i don't think it will unless it's a stealth drop

the fame

  • fave - poker face

  • least fave - eh, eh (nothing else i can say)

the fame monster

  • fave - speechless

  • least fave - teeth

born this way

  • fave - government hooker

  • least fave - bad kids


  • fave - venus

  • least fave - g slur


  • fave - a-yo

  • least fave - come to mama

speechless is my favorite song off of the fame monster

are we sure that lg6 is still coming out this year