Pansexual. Transgender. Autistic.

Ray. He/Him/His. 26. All-Inclusive, Intersectional Feminist. Gray-A/Pan (Both Romantic/Sexual) Trans Man. Neurodivergent (Anxious/Autistic/Depressed/Stressed). Avatar Source:

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tomorrow will be the 10th anniversary of the fame monster :)

even though mother monster said that lg6 will come out this year i don't think it will unless it's a stealth drop 

the fame 

  • fave - poker face 
  • least fave - eh, eh (nothing else i can say)

the fame monster 

  • fave - speechless 
  • least fave - teeth 

born this way 

  • fave - government hooker 
  • least fave - bad kids 


  • fave - venus  
  • least fave - g slur 


  • fave - a-yo 
  • least fave - come to mama 

speechless is my favorite song off of the fame monster 

in my opinion teeth is the worst song off of the fame monster 

are we sure that lg6 is still coming out this year