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Many people seem to think it foolish, even superstitious, to believe that the world could still change for the better. And it is true that in winter it is sometimes so bitingly cold that one is tempted to say, ‘What do I care if there is a summer; its warmth is no help to me now.’ Yes, evil often seems to surpass good. But then, in spite of us, and without our permission, there comes at last an end to the bitter frosts. One morning the wind turns, and there is a thaw. And so I must still have hope.

Vincent Van Gogh

been waiting very patiently for lg6; i hope gags will release the first single soon

i watched dbz battle of gods recently; i liked it well enough but i still think i like super broly better

every day i try to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables, a cup of tea and three servings of whole grains

been watching dbz; i want to finish the frieza saga but i've had a hard time motivating myself to finish it because my favorite character is gone and won't be back for at least another ten episodes

the activities that i've been prioritizing outside of work are exercise and japanese language study

nearing the end of lm3; i just have a few more floors to clear and all of the boos to catch

steven universe future was good but i hope that we get more episodes in the future because i want connie to have some time in the spotlight

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Idea: you know how on tumblr, themed blog types end with "-blr" (ex. witchblr, mineblr, writblr, etc.)

Well how about on here we call them "-fall" (ex. witchfall, minefall, writfall)

#IAmNonbinary is #4 trending on twitter rn with over 21k tweets

winston duke is soooooooooo cute :3

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thirsty twitter is so funny

pantransautie -

i lowkey want strangers on the internet to post thirsty messages about me

thirsty twitter is so funny

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this site is like a slumber party but none of us know each other that well, we're all completely different and hate drama, and we're all too nice/anxious to be mean

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Taron Egerton innocently asking what a "bussy" is might be the best thing i've seen all week

so i've finally decided to post these on here, for my first tries at pixel art i'm pretty happy with how they turned out :)

(had to repost because the format was super weird and it displayed blurred for some reason)

first, the second one on a lilac background because i'm an undecisive disaster

and second, a little rant (that ended up being not so little) :

it's a fight against myself for me to post this, because i'm super insecure about everything i make, and i either think it's shit, or i think that it's not good enough to be posted online (even if i'm personnally happy with it). but i also realized that, if i wait to make something that i find worthy of being posted to start sharing my art online, i'm gonna end up never posting anything. so.

one of the things that convinced me to post this is the 2009vs2019 thing that i've seen artists doing on twitter and instagram. for most of them, the contrast is pretty striking. it was really reassuring in a way, because it reminded me that artists whose work i love and admire, they didn't start out that way. it's so easy to forget that getting to the level of detail and quality of what "popular" artists, who are often professionals, make, takes a very very long time; because when artists post something, we don't see that. we don't see the years of work, the thousands of hours spent praticing and perfecting their craft, the countless drawings that never got posted. we only see the result of that. and so our vicious brains (or at least my vicious brain, but i don't think i'm alone here) convinces us that we should also be able to do that, and that unless we make something that is on that level, it isn't worth sharing with the world. having such an easy access to other people's art and creations is truly amazing, it's one of my favorite things about social media, but i think it also sets a very high bar for beginner and/or amateur artists, and i end up putting a shit ton of pressure on myself in regards to what i consider to be "good enough" (the fact that i'm very perfectionnist doesn't help), because i can't help comparing my work to the one of people who have years of experience that i obviously don't.

one of my main concerns with posting this was "but what if in a few years/months i think this is really bad and i regret posting it". well, i'm happy with these drawings now. and if in ten years, two years or even a few months i'm not anymore, it's okay. it's okay to start small ; and there is no shame in acknowledging that you've improved, but also that you can and will improve. if in a few months/years, i'm able to make stuff that is a lot more complex and much better than this (and i hope i will), it doesn't mean that this was bad to start with. it means that it was a start. and if i want to share it, i shouldn't be stopped by the idea of an hypothetical "better" work that i will make later and that i should share instead.

sorry for this long long rant, but i needed to write this out, and now that i have, i realize that i just unwinded some lowkey toxic beliefs i had about my own art, and the idea of sharing it, so that's pretty cool !

my hair's getting to be a bit too long for my liking

i can't wait to get it cut

that's nice to know that i do pass when i'm wearing a binder and a baggy enough shirt

i think i don't pass at work because my job is very physical so i can't wear a binder

plus it's hard not to switch into my placating, feminine retail voice when i'm dealing with customers that could get aggro at any moment

but it's nice to know that i can pass outside of work

now i just need to get some more baggy shirts when i have more money

i legit don't know how to take a good selfie

Today’s look. Button-up with faux-leather shoulders, skinny jeans, army boots circa 1964, + raven skull necklace.

Leaving to celebrate my father’s birthday in a bit; my relatives are all sure to appreciate The Goth. /s

here's a picture of me at my sister's friend's wedding

this picture was taken very early on in my transition

my partner thinks i pass but i'm not sure

do any of you think i pass?

i'm probably gonna get cancelled for saying that i love kylo ren

and if that doesn't cancel me then i'm sure that me saying that i love vegeta will

i have a weakness for angsty space princes

sue me

my sister got me kylo ren jellybeans for christmas because she knows i love him

i thought the flavors were amusing because nearly all of them are sparkling except for the orange sherbet and toasted marshmallow ones

i don't know what makes a flavor sparkle