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me: **sees lou christie with a beard** 

me: 😍

lightning strikes is a good one too 

freedom! '90 is a banger 

one of my former gay male friends was so shocked that i didn't have a grindr 

i was like why would i have a grindr i don't have the parts they're looking for lol 

i can't have sweets in my home 

if i buy a pack of thirty-six cookies 

then they will be gone in three days tops 

the scene from rocketman that i mentioned a while back 

death stranding has at least one queer character 

there's another one that's at least coded to be 

i just finished watching all of the death stranding cutscenes on youtube and the story is really good 

the ending was especially good 

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I can't think of anything else in this world that inspires the same particular mixture of fear and amusement as when a skyrim npc runs at you with weapon drawn and initiates a dialogue



this beat is sick 

i wanna take a ride on your disco stick 


of us just like to read 

my twitter handle is @pantransautie if anyone wants to follow me on there 

i watched about two hours of death stranding cutscenes yesterday 

i think i have about seven more hours of cutscenes to go 

i wonder how many people have died from gender reveal parties gone wrong 

i have a bad habit of putting important things down and then forgetting where i put them 

even though mother monster said that lg6 will come out this year i don't think it will unless it's a stealth drop 

it's hard not to have a dire outlook given the current state of the world but even if everything takes an inevitable and drastic turn for the worst i still want to cling to the hope that things can somehow get better because even if the world ends in about the next thirty years i will have lived most of my life by then and even if i die prematurely as a result of an ecological collapse i want to enjoy my life while i'm here for the sake of not only myself but for the sakes of those who care about me 

when i'm feeling down i just got to remember all of the media i look forward to consuming 

i've decided to choose grookey out of the three starter pokemon options because i like its final evolution the most out of the final evolutions of the starters 

i caved and decided to get the new pokemon game 

getting the new mainline entries to the pokemon series has been a tradition for me 

i've gotten one of the games from each of the generations since the beginning 

so i didn't want to quit now 

even though a lot of pokemon have been cut 

probably most if not all of my favorites 

i ultimately decided to get it because my enbyfriend was going to get it and i wanted to play it alongside them 

we'll each be getting a different version from each other so we can complete our pokedexes from trading across the games with each other 

that being said they decided to get the sword version because of its legendary on the cover 

so i went with the shield version by default 

both of our games are preordered so we should be getting them at launch  

sam's fear of being touched is so relatable 

i mean i'm not afraid of being touched per se but i don't particularly enjoy it when people touch me without my consent  

i wonder how many things death stranding will have accurately predicted for the future given the number of things that the metal gear solid franchise had accurately predicted 

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my life is just going through the same bisexual panic every 20 minutes

birdysdoodles -

FUCK i thought about a pretty girl and the cycle's starting again 

Erin's Informed Consent HRT map of the US - Google My Maps

Lets make informed consent easier to access. Follow me on twitter @erininthemorn. Let me know there if anything has changed or if any of these are wrong, or if I'm missing any! If the info is of use to use, please consider donating to my gofundme, as I am in a battle to keep custody of my child post-transition.

I found an amazing resource on twitter yesterday! This is a map of informed consent hrt clinics in the United States. Meaning no therapist note required and no "real life test", they provide hormone treatment as long as you know the risks and consent (unfortunately age guidelines and parental consent are likely still a concern). The info is community sourced and less than 3 years old. Some things may be inaccurate, but the person who created it is still working to update and refine it. Please share if you can!